Benidorm 5th August 2014
Head shaved 26th July 2015
2nd Surgery 18th November 2015
1st haircut 3rd March 2016

About Me


My name is Lindzi, and this blog is all about my journey while beating breast cancer.

I'm 32 years old, I work as a community staff nurse and I have 2 gorgeous daughters; Cobie is 12 and Taya is 4.

In January this year me and the girls dad Richard split up, but we remain close and he has/is helping me through this journey, however, i am a single lady.

I decided to write this in a straight, realistic, no bullshit way so people can relate to it, as the information provided by every website there is, doesn't tell you all the other bullshit that comes with having the big C!

This journey will be good, bad and downright ugly, i am going to take you all with me every step of the way, and anyone who knows me, knows i don't sugar coat anything so this will be no exception!

 When i find useful information i shall add the links on here, and i shall also add a donation link to certain breast cancer charities, however please bare with me, as these damn hospital appointments are taking over my week!!

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Stay happy

Lindzi Xx