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9. Jun, 2015

Ok, since having my oldest daughter, I have suffered with benign breast disease.....

which basically means lumpy, bumpy boobs which can be very sore and very ugly looking.

Richard has never been bothered about their look or anything (he's more of an ass man) but confidence wise, I had none!

So, the pattern began to form....

I found a new lump, shit myself and went to the GP.

I got an urgent referral to the hospital and had an appointment booked within 2 weeks.

I sat in the waiting room for stupid amount of time, then finally got called through to....

another damn waiting room.

Eventually I go in to see the Consultant, who again tells me its a cyst, nothing to worry about but i'll be having another ultrasound scan to make sure.

This happened quite regular for 12 years, and I had become so blasé about it, that my latest lump and hospital visit I went alone!!!!