9. Jun, 2015

26th May 2015

Ok so today the girls were booked in at the dentist at 12pm, so i'd told Rich to take them and i'd go to the hospital appointment alone (remember the blasé bit?)

Anyway, i went to the hospital and knowing how long these appointments take, i called at the shop and bought my lunch!

Sat in the waiting room eating my little picnic, but also aware that time was getting on and i'd been there over an hour now already.

"Lindzi Ward"

Finally here we go.....

No wait i'm in the other waiting room for another 30 minutes before i get to see my consultant.

I go in, sit down, explain that this lump felt like a lump on the other lump and that it felt a little differently.

I went next door, and he came and examined my boobs, i told him how it felt, that my confidence was shot and that buying bra's and bikini's were a massive NO NO!

He again explained that there wasn't really anything to prevent them, and that maybe i could have the cysts drained, then sent me off for an ultrasound scan.

I'm not old enough for a mammogram so it's always been ultrasound scans i've had.

So there i am in the waiting room again, with only a cape on, trying to hide my boobs, as well as carry my handbag and remaining bits of my picnic.

Called into the scan room and it's the same lady who has been scanning me for the past 12 years, so we get chatting, while she scanning away and i explain to her how much i hate my boobs etc, so she asks me if i want the biggest "cyst" draining.

Without any hesitation the word "yes" flew out of my mouth, and then i realised i was all alone and that was a bloody big needle!

Back into the waiting room to wait for the Doctor to be available to drain it.

Another 30 minutes later and i'm back in the room about to have the cyst drained....

Now been a nurse, its almost like our eyes are drawn to the medical equipment laid out, so first thing my eyes laid on was that bloody big needle!!

The Doctor, starts scanning my boob again and suddenly says he wants to send me for a mammogram!?!??!


HANG ON, i'm not old enough for that, so why would you want to send me for that?

Then came the words;



Pre-cancerous cells

So while in the damn waiting room again, i figured those 3 words meant....

The "different lump" had areas of calsification, which usually resulted in either cysts or pre-cancerous cells developing.

So i'm sat there now, with my head spinning and everyone and their grandmother texting me cos i've been so long,

I'm trying to reply to everyone but damn signal keeps dropping so just hurry up please and i can go tell everyone i'm ok!

Ok mammogram bit....

"Lindzi, take your gown off, stand topless in all sorts of positions while i squash your very tender boobs in between these 2 plastic plates, then DON'T you dare move!"

You get my drift on how that went?

Back in the doctors room now for results from the mammogram....

Nursing wandering eyes now see's the biopsy gun!

I'm thinking... SHITTTTTT here we go, as he is telling me he is going to take 3 biopsies and i'm going to have a local anaesthetic.

So after been shot 3 times with the stupid very loud clicky biopsy gun, i'm finally free to leave, 4 and a half hours after my appointment time.

Booked in at reception for Thursday 4th June to collect my results.

Oh by the way, did i mention that this week was my annual week that i'd booked off to spend time with my girls?

And now my boobs had been squashed, poked and stabbed i was in agony, so i got in the car, and drove home with the face on!

BUT, I have got the house viewing on 2nd June, and as the house i'm in costs me a fortune, moving into that cheaper house will hopefully cheer me up!!