9. Jun, 2015

Today was the day I started my new job as a community staff nurse, so whilst getting ready this morning, I felt the lump and remembered i needed to call my GP when they opened.

As if i didn't have enough on without this damn lump appearing 2 days before!

Anyhow, off to work i go, leaving Rich with full instructions to get me an appointment at the GP's and that he wasn't to take NO for an answer.

So an hour later, i'm at work, my head spinning from all the information i'm been given about my new role etc, and Richard texts me.....

"Hi, Docs at 6.50pm, they didn't have any appointments, but I told them about lump and they found u one! Hope ur having a good first day xx"

Eurgh, I thought 6.50pm, that's right in the middle of my youngests bath and bed routine, but oh well, i'll go, and go through the familiar process!

GP's Office

New male GP (not seen him before)

I explained the problem, explained the usual procedure and then let the receptionist come into the room so the GP could examine me.

So, i'm behind the curtain, taking off my top, when.....SHIT!!!

Why didn't I shave my damn armpits before I came here??

And me being me, said this out loud and the recpeptionist wet herself.

Anyway, back at the GP's desk, he stated I was going to get an urgent referral to the hospital, here we go again i thought.

He did also say that he had never examined such a lumpy pair of boobs.....

How about that for an award????

This got me thinking about having a boob job, and decided when i got home i was going to google it and check out some prices.

Ok so to have a mastectomy and boob job i was looking at about £10000 erm sod that!

I can't afford that, so I decided when i went to my hospital appointment i was going to discuss it with the consultant and see what he advised to try and prevent me from getting these lumps.