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Useful sites

There a million and one websites about breast cancer, and plenty of forums etc for women to join.

Personally i'd rather do it this way, say my piece, let other's see it and then let them share it.

I once joined a forum regarding some other shit that happened in my life, and i found that it was taking over my life, and also making me very miserable because i was constantly surrounded by the "shit" that i was trying to deal with.

Ok, websites....


I'm also adding this next one, as when the time comes, i'm going to donate my hair to this amazing place and make some little girl very happy.

Almost anyone can donate hair, check the site for details....

Although i'm not asking you all to start shaving your heads, think we will have enough on with my bald beacon!

But i'm sure they'd appreciate cash donations, hair donations (if your that daft) or even just spreading the word about the fantastic work they do.

Just giving

Link to the donation page for the Breast Cancer care charity...



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16. Jun, 2015

Sandra Silenti

Just read your rant regarding sickness pay and it makes my blood boil too! You can't afford to be ill basically ! There should be a fund specifically for not just cancer patients but for everyone fighting a battle with health . Like you say your stressed
enough without the added worry of surviving!! X it's easy to say don't worry but you will !

Really feel for you sweetheart xxx 😘

11. Jun, 2015


Thinking of you love xx