10. Jun, 2015

MRI Scan

Getting ready today, i decided that while i still had my long blonde hair, i was going to make the most of it, so after 45 minutes straightening and styling i was ready.

My Nan & Grandad had come from Sheffield to have Taya while i went to the hospital, so i had a chance to talk to my Nan, about what was to come.

My poor Grandad was diagnosed with lung cancer in February and sadly there is no surgery or chemo options for him.

Back when i had Cobie, my Grandad couldn't bare to see me in so much pain, while i was in labour, so my Grandad seeing me fight this shitty disease is going to be the hardest thing for me, especially when i lose my hair too, as my grandad has always loved my long blonde hair!

I have to reassure both my Nan and Grandad constantly that i am fine, but i also have to point out obvious stuff to them that they won't have thought of, for example, Nan, Grandad you do know i'm going to lose my hair don't you!?

Straight, blunt and matter of fact! Best way to be i think, although my poor Nan's face when i said it was awful.

Anyway.... MRI scan,

So i'm in the waiting room again, trying to remember to remove my tongue stud before they call me, when....

"Lindzi Ward"

Shit, i'm now walking towards the member of staff, with my tongue stuck out, trying to quickly unscrew the tongue stud and shove it in my handbag.

Phew panic over, i've done it.

Tiny little room, with some lockers and i'm told to get undressed and put on this massive gown, but put it on backwards so the front bit is open....

(Yes Lindzi, you are going to have to get your boobs out to this quite nice looking young man!)

Right so i'm in the green massive gown, my things are locked away in the locker, and i'm now walking towards that bloody big scanner.

I'm now sat on the edge of the bed, while the guy cannulates me as i've got to have a dye put in to me while having the scan!

A woman then appears who tells me she has kicked the men out so i can now..and i QUOTE....

"STRADDLE the scanner, lie face down, putting both my breasts in those 2 holes and rest my face on that padded bit!"

Oh dear god, this was all while she was tugging at my gown and flashing my boobs to the room!

Sod it, it's all what needs to be done, so i cock a leg and straddle away, boobs are in, and face plant the padded bit. Now here comes there massive headphones to supposedly drown out the noise of the machine (BULLSHIT) anyway i'm laid there arse up listening to Rihanna but can't bust a move cos the scanner begins.

To be fair there was nothing to it, providing you don't mind been arse up, while a giant clanky machine moves around you!!


Ultrasound scan of the lymph nodes and biopsies to get through tomorrow, but i'll update you when i've got the chance!