11. Jun, 2015

The morning after the armpit hack!

Good morning,

2 words = scatter cushions!!!

These incredible little things were the most gentle, sensitive things i've ever shared my bed with last night!

One tucked in between the boobs, one tucked under the pit! Ahh finally a comfy spot, next thing I knew it was morning and my phone was beeping and buzzing it's nuts off.

So today is the day......

I am feeling nervous, anxious, but also a little excited (silly i know) but one thing about cancer, it doesn't let you have any control.

Since my diagnosis control is not something i've had, and for a lady like myself with OCD, that is not a good thing.

So today i am feeling a little excited about getting some control back, once i've got a plan, a surgery date and possibly chemo dates then i'm going to take this cancer by the balls and get my control back.

I can also get cracking with my house move, well my merry little movers can! Sorry guys! But what's the point in having a dog and barking yourself!?

I don't know when i'll get round to updating this again after my appointment today, it may be tonight (if i need to rant) it may be tomorrow but once i've got my head round whatever the consultant has told me, i'll come and let you all know!

Thanks again to everyone for your messages and your thoughts!

Lindzi xxx