Today’s appointment 20/06/19

20. Jun, 2019


God it seems like ages since I posted anything new on here, but after deciding to have a year off from surgery and treatment in July last year, I’ve not had a lot to share. 

Today however, I attended another appointment with the surgeon, a whole year has gone by in the blink of an eye. 

So on with the frontal view......

Still the same no real changes in the size or shape. Except the muscle from my back which is in my right boob is now moving further under my armpit. 

So anyway there I am topless in the clinic room again with the surgeon staring at me, pinching my boobs and generally looking very confused at my boobs! 

(I’m judging from the look on his face he’s thinking what the hell a I going to do with these!)

Anyway 45 minutes later after being measured (and no they don’t match up) I’m told that the surgeon wants to get me back to a joint appointment with another surgeon so they can brain storm and decide what to do. 

The surgeon has also said that he wants me to have an MRI scan to see how much muscle there is on each side so he can get a better idea of what tissue he’s got to work with.

BUT there is then the potential that I will have to have both the implants removed and left to settle down before he starts ALL OVER AGAIN!! 

As you can imagine I’m not exactly thrilled by that idea but I may have no choice, as other wise it could be endless surgeries with very little signs of improvement! 

🙈🙈 When does this rollercoaster end? And all because the first 2 surgeons didn’t ensure that both my boobs matched up. I’m now 4 years down the line since my diagnosis and my boobs are no where near completed!

So I’m well and truly balled off tonight! But don’t forget.....


Be happy