The morning of the results 11/6/15

11. Jun, 2015
11. Jun, 2015

Been to Kaye's this morning, walked in and burst into tears, had a squish and then what else could a girl want than a bowl of coco pops and a coffee!

Why does food always taste better at someone else's house?

Well it did, until Kaye's dog farted just as i was taking a mouthful of coco pops!!!

So after chewing on the coco pops and dog fart, and Kaye nearly wetting herself, she decided she was going to do my hair and make up!

Second way to make a girl feel happy, glam her up!

So this page is for my best mate, Kaye....

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words, love, coco pops, (minus the dog farts) crumpets, cups of tea and coffee, your make up and your hair styles!

I Love you lass, and i'll see you soon with the results and a plan of action.



11. Jun, 2015