5. Jul, 2015

Rocking the theatre.....

stockings and gown, had just uploaded to Facebook and then when i looked up, there's a nurse stood there saying she has come to take me to theatre...

I'm now walking down to theatre with the nurse, and Rich, i'm in the lift and i'm actually reassuring Richard! Who has gone very quiet now, the nurse is discussing how my name is spelt, but really i don't care.

Out the lift, and into a little waiting room, the conversation between me and Rich as follows:

Rich; You feeling ok Lindz?

Me; You know what Rich, i am yeah, funnily enough i don't actually feel that bad now!?

Nurse reappears, and tells me this is it.....i have to climb onto this trolley and say bye to Rich. I hug him tight, kiss him and say see you soon, he looks worse than i did!!!

So i'm now all alone, being wheeled down the corridor and chatting away to the staff who are pushing me, i think due to my job and doing a 2 week placement in theatre while i was doing my training helped me at this part, because i knew what to expect, i was wheeled into theatre 7, and waiting for me was the anaethetist, ODP and theatre nurse.

I'm now being cannulated in my left and right hand and a nurse is holding my hand  and stroking my hair! I'm breathing in an oxygen mask with the anaethetist telling me....

"all is well Lindzi, now count to 10"

Here we go i thought.... 1..........2............3...........GONE!!!!


"Hi Lindzi, i'm Rose, your ok, the operation went well and your in recovery"

I'm thinking wow that was fast, ha if only i knew it had taken 10 hours, oh wait erm Rose.......i'm gonna be sick........

Natural reaction, i sat up and threw up.....OUCHHHHHHHH why does it feel like i've got 2 vices under my armpits tightening up?! Oh yeah Lindz you dozy cow you have just had breast surgery......and back to sleep i went, i kept opening my eyes and looking around, and there was Rose watching me, i had another little nap and then she told me i was going upto the ward very soon. I suddenly remembered all my family who had been waiting for me all this time were now up on the ward waiting to see me. I smiled a little as i thought about them and how relieved they would be to see me.

The Ward

I'm now on the ward and nurses are all over me, but through the crack in the door i can see Cobie, i smiled, blinked, and then saw Rich, again, i smiled, blinked and then saw my mum, everytime i blinked another member of my family appeared. I just nodded off and left them to it, i do remember my mum asking me if i'd seen my boobs and i gave her thumbs up....i've since learnt that Cobie and everyone else then had a sneak peek at my new boobs, and they couldn't believe that i wasn't bandaged up just had dressings on.

I slept on and off for the rest of the night, hitting the morphine button like it was going out of fashion!!!



My god my head feels woozy, i really need to stop hitting that morphine PCA button, but hang on i'm in agony.....the morning passes by in a daze, the nurse looking after me keeps putting me on a bedpan as i'm busting for a pee but can't manage one. Eventually she passes an intermittent catheter on me and drains 1500ml straight off me, then a couple of hours later i'm the same again so this time she passing a self retaining one, at this point i'd gone past caring just help me pee.


3.30pm - Visiting Time

I hear little feet pottering down the corridor and know it's my baby girls, i know Cobie saw me yesterday but i can't remember seeing her properly, and now here they are both in the room grinning at me (i'm thinking oh god, how is taya going to react seeing me like this?)

She pointed out every piece of equipment and asked what it was for then moved onto the next, as long as she knew what they are for and why they were fastened to her mum she was ok. Kaye then arrived and my dad and the conversation was a bit of blur inbetween morphine wiping me out again. Why anyone would take that for kick i'll never know, it was during visiting times that i asked the nurse to come and take down the PCA, i can't cope with this fuzzy headed feeling anymore. I need to get onto oral medication that won't give me a fuzzy head.....operation get washed and dressed by Kaye and Hannah (this should be fun)