13. Jun, 2015


I'm sat in my kitchen having some thoughts and thought i'd share them....

Whilst attending Taya's appeal today I had to tell the panel my diagnosis, as the current situation i'm in, leaves very little room for childcare. I couldn't believe that a member of the panel mouthed to me...

"I've had it!"

Then after the appeal, the clerk came to me and explained that his wife had, had breast cancer as well and he knew exactly what i was going through!

Oh my many people does this horrendous disease affect?
How many people aren't as outspoken as me and can't tell people how they feel?

Even though the internet is full of websites, support, information, what about the people who aren't computer minded or simply don't have the family and friends network that i have got!?

And why in god's name does the word "CANCER" never leave you, constantly pecking at your head!

A friend told me that if she had been diagnosed, she would simply have to be sectioned as she would never have been able to cope with it.

How many people are out there, suffering alone, trapped listening to the cancer voice and are unable to seek the advice and support they need?

How many people aren't able to have a sense of humour about it, and don't express how they feel, one thing i've learnt over this past week, if i didn't laugh about it, i would cry, and crying doesn't get you anywhere really does it?

So with all these thoughts buzzing about my head, I thought i'd give you all something to think about.... Sorry, but a problem shared is a problem halved and all that.

Now my brain is ticking away, i'm going to try and think of a way of getting information to people who aren't as gobby as me!

Maybe something in the breast clinic, a leaflet or something??

If anyone has any ideas please message me and let me know, i think i could be onto something here, i might be wrong but at least it gives me something to occupy my time, and drive that cancer voice out! And again if i can help other women going through this.....


Thanks for reading,

Be happy

Lindzi xxx