Thursday 4/6/15

18. Jun, 2015

At this point, everyone is sat in the garden, talking, laughing, crying etc and Rich shouts from the kitchen that he is going to the shop to get some more milk.

We all carry on chatting and in our weird sense of humour's way, actually laughing and joking about what size boobs i'm going to have!

Kaye said massive bangers, but Lauren thought i should have delicate ones but when i have my nipples tattoed on, one should be black and one pink!!

After about half an hour, i selfishly realised that Rich still wasn't back, so i called him.....

Now imagine my surprise when he answered, snotting and sniffling down the phone at me!

(I say this because this man didn't cry when his 2 daughters were born, but yet that bastard C word had managed to make him cry)

So after checking he was ok, and obviously calling him a big girls blouse, i hung up, and told everyone he was fine (I didn't tell everyone you had cried Rich...Oops! Maybe no one will read this lol)

Well thanks to my old work colleague spreading the word, the texts and phone calls were flooding in!

Kaye's husband Josh even offered to cook my tea! I can't believe i have to get diagnosed with bloody cancer before he would cook for me!

Going to bed that night, it slapped me in the face again, but this time i was MAD!

Why me? I didn't want cancer! What if i lose my hair?

Now losing my boobs, doesnt bother me at all, i've hated them for 12 years so i'll be glad to get rid of them, but my hair?! WTF!!!