17. Jun, 2015


Hi all,

Had to share today's thought's with you, because i've been in a foul mood all day about it.

So i work as a community staff nurse for the NHS, i work 30 hours a week and today i spoke to payroll regarding sick pay, i will get full pay till August, then half pay and statutory sick pay, but come December i will get nothing.

December and no pay with 2 kids.....Jesus! Anyway, that's beside the point, i MAYBE back at work, but i MIGHT not be.

Although, come December if i'm still not well enough for work, i don't need the added pressure of feeling like i have to go back to work, as then i could cause further stress and sickness by not being ready.

So after this, i worked out my outgoings and shit myself, as i'm a single mum of 2 with bills to pay cancer or not.

I contacted the Macmillan benefits advisor's who are fantastic, they really know their stuff, however, when it comes down to claiming some money to support me and my girls while i go through this shit of a disease.....

i can get...... NOTHING!!!

Well ok i can get a little bit of my rent paid, and a little bit of my council tax paid, anything else tough shit!

I am not blaming the Macmillan benefits advisors at all, i know this is nothing to do with them but it has definetely got my goat.

If cancer is terminal (god forbid) the Government throw money at you, if your a 32 year old single mum, who gets off her arse everyday and works....you get NAFF all???

Where is the sense in that? I'm damn sure i can't tell british gas, oh i've got cancer, sorry i aint paying!!

I still have my bills to pay, and obviously if i didnt need to work, i wouldnt!!!

So after this bombshell today i have been in a foul mood!

I'm also not saying that terminally ill people don't deserve any money given to them, what i'm wondering is why can't every cancer patient be entitled to some kind of financial help while they fight this shitty, life ruining disease?

As you can imagine, this is now something else to keep me awake at night, i know that what will be, will be, and i have NO control over how long it takes me to get better, but worrying about money is not gonna lessen my recovery time is it!?!?

ARGHHHHHH this bloody Government, really get on my Tits! ha on my tits, get it!?


Be happy

Lindzi xxx