18. Jun, 2015

Thursday 18/6/15

Good morning,

It's the morning of the biopsy results and I've just got ready and i'm now busy packing the remaining bits of my house, ready for the big move on Saturday, I can't wait now, i am sick of the sight of cardboard boxes and having my house all upside down.

They say that moving house is the most stressful thing to do in life, ha try moving house, been diagnosed with breast cancer and fighting the school authorities for a school place!

I'm not blowing my own horn but my god i must be tough, i honestly don't know how I have got through all this these past few weeks, but i guess if i actually stopped for a second and thought about it.... then i'd have a breakdown! I suppose in a way, this house move has been a distraction for me, god help me this time next week when i'm all unpacked and settled in the new house, then i'll probably have the breakdown as i'll have time to sit and think!

So today's plans are;

1) Keep packing

2) Meeting with Mr Ghosh at 2.30pm for lymph node biopsy results and hopefully get a surgery date (yes i know i keep saying that, but apparantly getting 2 surgeons together to perform my operation is proving quite difficult!)

3) Come home, tell the family, and update this for you all to see

4) Pack, pack, pack and my team of merry movers are coming to get all the furniture into my kitchen to make moving day a little bit easier.

Somewhere inbetween that lot will be stop, take a breath, and eat some food! Well i'll try to anyway!

Please check back later and read the results from today section!


Be Happy

Lindzi xxx