18. Jun, 2015

Biopsy results & Surgery date

Hi all,

I've just returned from the hospital appointment with Mr Ghosh, good news is my lymph nodes are clear!!!!


My surgery date is; Monday 29th June

I'll have my pre-assessment next week, then monday morning be at the hospital for 7.30am. Into theatre about 9-9.30am and 7 hours later i shall wake up with 2 new boobs, 4 drains, and a whole lotta pain!!

Easy eh?

I am now SHITTING myself as it's all a bit offical and scary, but onwards and upwards and all that.

No more what if's, but's and maybe's....well except for if i need chemo, but that will be decided when i'm in theatre i think and Mr Ghosh can get a good look at the squatter!


Speaking of squatter......

I, Lindzi Ward, hereby give you little cancerous squatting bastard 10 days notice before eviction proceedings begin. If you could keep calm and not cause me any problems in that time, i promise to evict you quickly and efficiently.