24. Jun, 2015

Pre-assessment Wednesday 24/6/15

Afternoon all,

Well after a very busy weekend moving house, i've finally found my laptop and charger and thought i would update you all on recent events.

This morning i attended my pre-assessment appointment, had a good chat about the surgery, pain relief, and aftercare.

Had my observations taken, and some bloods, and surprisingly my blood pressure and pulse wasn't sky high!

On Monday before surgery i've got to have a blue dye put in to me to make the nodes easier to detect.....side effects.... BLUE urine and possibly a BLUE FACE!!!! Ha great stuff, like i ain't gonna look bad enough after theatre i'm also gonna look like a bloody smurf!!

I'm on the countdown now, Monday is coming both too fast but also too slow, if that makes sense. I want to get on with it and get the operation done, but walking into hospital on Monday morning is going to take some doing. That morning will be a real test of how strong I am.

I was laid in the bath last night, looking at my boobs (as you do) thinking, on Sunday i'm throwing these bad boys a farewell party!!!! Nothing flash obviously just a nice soak in the bath and a few farewell words to them!! haha

What with the house move i've been so busy that i've not really had a lot of time to think about what's ahead of me, but now as i'm getting settled in the house etc, i'm starting to realise that the operation i'm having is MASSIVE, it's going to take a lot of recovery and rehabilitation and i'm not known for my patience!

Various people including my GP keep saying they can't believe how well i'm handling all this, but i think the real test for me will be after the surgery, not because i'll look different, but more because i'm going to have my independence taken away for a while, and that will drive me mad!!!

But once again I have no control, and i'm just going to have to learn to let my body heal in it's own time so i can get back to normal. Easier said than done i know, but with my mum coming to stay the chances of me pushing myself too far are very slim! She will be a fantastic nurse and make everything perfect for me.

I am so lucky to have such an amazing support network, cos i know a lot of people going through this have hardly anyone to turn to.

I accept gifts of chocolate, cash, slippers, pj's and a good book to read! lol

Nar i'm joking, just come visit me, and keep my chin up and that'll be enough for me.

I'm off now to get Taya from nursery, i shall update this on Sunday night after the boob farewell party!

Be happy

Lindzi xxx