3. May, 2018

Hi all,

So i'm 2 days post operation (again) and i'm sat in bed feeling very sorry for myself (again).

On Tuesday I was supposed to have been having my left boob sorted once and for all, and once again once the surgeon got in there it was more complicated again. He has replaced the implant, freed up the scar tissue but couldn't move the nipple area this time as he said he was not guaranteed the best results, so guess what.....


I am so sick of this now, i've got another drain in that can't be removed until it drains less than 40ml in 24 hours, which it's currently draining 100ml in 24 hours, so that's gonna be stuck in there a bit longer. I've got that stupid support bra on again that feels like it's chopping me in half, i'm popping pain killers like smarties oh and I can't get bloody comfortable!!!

ARGHHHHHHHHHHH when will this end! 2015 this all started and i'm still having to deal with it all now 3 years later.

Sorry for the moaning post but it just feels like there is no end to this shitty journey i've been thrown on. I thought this would be my last operation and just the nipple reconstruction then I was all set, nope! How wrong was I?

Anyway, i'm off to stare at the bedroom wall!



Love Lindzi xxx