6. Jul, 2015

sleep deprivation & pain

Well for someone who used to sleep the clock round i'm not doing too bad, i'm managing on about 3 hours sleep a night.....I can't lie flat on my back, or my sides so i'm sleeping in a kind of propped up/sat up fashion with a ripping, burning pain going through my back.

I know i sound like i'm moaning, but I think after the major surgery i had last week i'm entitled to a little moan....the pain i'm having is now more or less constantly there, it's a dull ache/tightening pain from my shoulders down to my stomach.

Those wonderful opiate drugs have also slowed me right down in the toilet department, so i feel all bloated and yuck too.

The biggie is the lack of sleep, that's starting to show now, yesterday i cried several times for nothing at all other than i could cos i was that exhausted and today apart from going to the hospital and going to the loo i've stayed in bed. I need to learn to listen to what my body is telling me to do and that is rest.

After today's appointment i now only have dressings on my back, and one boob....not bad going for a week's healing! Hopefully on Thursday, i'll be dressing free and maybe not feel as tight!

I have a meeting with Mr Ghosh again on Thursday to discuss results from the sentinal/lymph node removal during surgery, these results should determine whether or not i need chemotherapy, so not particularly looking forward to Thursday, but at least i'll know a definate next stage of treatment by Thursday night.

I'm now in bed watching Scooby Doo with Taya, so i'll update you all on Thursday after my appointment.

Be Happy

Lindzi xxx