18. Jun, 2015

Sleep Deprivation

So last night Rich convinced me to go and sleep at his, he said i needed a different view instead of carboard boxes!

I'm not usually very good at sleeping at other people's houses, as i love my own bed, and my own comforts. 

Last night however, i had the best night's sleep since my diagnosis, more than 2 hours!

I slept like a baby, and this morning felt so relaxed that i have done nothing all day!

Ever since my diagnosis, i have been tense, unable to sleep or concentrate and agitated (obviously) but today i've been that chilled out, i feel like a new me!

It just goes to show how a good nights sleep can change things.

I'm now back at my house or as i like to call it cardboard city, and i can't wait to move and get everything back in its rightful place! If i look at the wall once more today where the clock should be i shall scream!!

I've been all over twitter today to get my blog noticed, but sadly the celebs on there have very little time for little old me, however massive thanks to Verity Rushworth (Aka Donna from Emmerdale) for taking the time to retweet it and tweet me saying.....

"So sorry to hear that!"

Also massive thanks to Kris Evans from The Mend who said....

"I pray for you, stay strong!"

Thanks to you both for your time, and cheering me up today.

Please keep sharing, tweeting, instagramming, what ever to share my blog, and show other people that we can drive out Cancer's Voice!!!!!

Be Happy