30. Aug, 2015

Hi all,

Well today i was at home with the girls, having a bit of a down day to be honest. My sister Lauren called me and told me to have a look at a website called 52 lives.


Jaime the woman who runs this fantastic website helps people who are having a tough time. Please have a look at the brilliant work Jaime and the general public do simply by helping others who are in need.

Hmm Lauren had nominated me to 52 lives to try and get me a new cooker and single bed for the new house.....

So there i am sat at the laptop, 52 lives opened and there's my face and a story.

I am gobsmacked at people's generosity and messages, so far these amazing people have donated £870  so far to enable me to get a cooker, single bed and other things i need for the house!

I cannot thank you all enough for this, this is amazing, i can now move into that house and get everything sorted making it a lovely home for me and my girls.

It's not very often i am speechless but my god 52 Lives has managed it!

I honestly will never have the words to thank you all enough, you really have all made my day, week and year.

I promise that when i am back to work and back on my feet i will donate to 52 lives and help whoever Jaime is helping that week, then i will have paid it forward.

My faith in humanity is restored!!

Thanks again to Lauren, Jaime and all the generous people who have donated, you will never know how much i appreciate your help.

Be Happy

Lindzi xxx