& Titties

15. Jul, 2015


On Monday i ventured out to town with my mum and cousin Deanna, and my god i've been knackered ever since, we were only out for a few hours but it took it's toll on me, although a good thing is it's made me sleep a bit better on a night.

Whilst in town i also purchased my first headscarf in preperation for D day, i brought it home, tried it on, and showed all my family, they were all brill and said it suited me (Tough shit if it hadn't but you know) I even tested the scarf on my Grandad's bald head for slippery effect and safe to say that bad boy is going nowhere! See we all help each other out in my family!

Today i had a BATH!!!!! woohoo, i spoke to my cancer nurse and asked her if i could take the steri-strips off and have a normal lie down bath and she said yes providing i didn't soak for too long.

Oh water on my shoulders and neck was heaven...i quickly washed my hair had a little soak, a good bloody scrub then got back out.

All the steri-strips had started coming off so i removed them and admired my dressing free boobs..... picture in the picture section.

Wow they look erm, massive, wonky, weird and strange. i'm going to see Mr Ghosh again tomorrow to have my first expansion done so i'm hoping after tomorrow they will even out a bit, i think they are still quite swollen from surgery though cos they still feel really tight and numb at the moment.

A tip for anyone who is going through this.....if you have long hair, i would seriously advise having it cut to a managable length before you have any surgery done. I have really struggled to maintain mine since my surgery and although my mum has washed it for me, i'm now suffering from a very dry scalp.

I have been to Taybarn's tonight with my family, and it was the perfect excuse to get dolled up, so i felt a lot better about going out with my new body image. Although i must admit trying to find something to wear is quite hard as i'm still not wearing a bra, and because my boobs are so wonky, i feel it's very noticable, i'm having to rely on layers which in this weather is no good! Didn't stop me shovelling the chocolate cake in tho!

I also want to thank everyone who has been to visit to me so far, it's been great to see all of you and to know that you have been thinking about me, also thanks for all the flowers and gifts you have all bought me. xx

So like i said another hospital appointment tomorrow but this is step one of operation blow up! I've told Mr Ghosh to have the foot pump handy so who know's, i may look like Dolly Parton at the end of this, well a bald Dolly Parton anyway!

I'm off to relax and watch some television now, but i will add an expansion picture tomorrow when i get the chance.

Oh just to add, i've still not had a smoke and i'm actually surprised at how well i've managed with it. Dont get me wrong with all the stress of last week i could have easily had one or 20 but i've resisted and managed to go since surgery day without one!! Well Done Me!!!