28. Jul, 2015

Hi all,

Only i could shave my head on the coldest days in July, i'm freezing!

Well after the "big shave" several people have messaged me asking me if i'm ok and saying how brave i am, so i thought i would write and let you all know exactly how i am doing.

I'm fine, i honestly am, i have got used to it a lot quicker than i thought i would to be honest, but i think that is due to everyone's response saying it suits me and how well i look. So Thankyou to you all for your kind words.

I also feel so comfortable that i'm not wearing anything on my head yet, i even went into town with my girls yesterday and ROCKED the bald headed look. I did ask Cobie though if she wanted me to wear anything, as i think any 12 year old girl would be slightly worried about walking around town with their bald headed mum!

Cobie's response was....

"Mum you do whatever you want to do!!!" God i love that girl, she is so grown up for her age and she doesn't know it but she gives me so much confidence. So Thanks to you too Cobie Leigh.

Also to Taya Rai who decided that she would tell me yesterday that i looked like a man!!! Ha Taya you do make me laugh you little cheeky monkey!

Yes i walked round town with my girls as proud as anything and felt 100% comfortable, i think the minute the headscarf goes on, you automatically become the "cancer patient" so i'm going to leave that off as long as possible, or until i get bald patches anyway!

I'm also loving the fact that it takes me about 20 minutes to get ready now, i was in the bath last night, shampoo'd my head and by the time i'd washed my body, my hair was dry!!! Easy Life!

It's all go this week in the land of hospital appointments...

Wednesday 29th July 1.30pm - Weston Park clinic for routine bloods and check up ready for first chemo session

Thursday 30th July 10.15am - Barnsley General for 2nd boob expanison with Mr Ghosh

Friday 31st July 2pm - Weston Park for first chemotherapy session!!!

It's also 4 weeks today since i had a smoke, so i'm adding that in here cos i am so pleased with myself, the most stressful time of my life and i decide to stop smoking! Ha as people keep telling me though i don't do things by halves!

Also going to drive to Sheffield today (with supervision from Rich) got to drop the girls at my Nan's cos of all my hospital appointments. God i've missed my little mini coop! Can't wait to get back driving, but at least if it's too much for me, Rich can take over today.

Well the dishes and washing machine are calling me, so i'll update you all again after my hospital appointments!

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support, you really have all cheered me up!

Be Happy

Lindzi xxx