29th,30th & 31st July

31. Jul, 2015

Well Wednesday i went to the pre-chemo clinic and lost 3 hours of my life, all i had done was some bloods taken, signed a consent form and spoke to the consultant who told me everything i already knew! Eurgh i can't wait to do that again every 3 weeks! NOT!

Thursday - was booby expansion day, last time i had 50ml in each boob, but yesterday i had 100ml in each as i'm greedy!

The still look quite uneven and wonky, but at this stage it's more about the volume and stretching of my skin than the shape. Mr Ghosh will concentrate on reshaping them when i go back to theatre for the expanders out and implants putting in.

I was also popping steroids yesterday in preperation for today's chemo session. 8mg of Dexamethasone at 8am and 4pm. Side effect - aching joint, bones and muscles, and extreme fatigue. Just another 2 days of the steroids but i'll have had chemo as well so i'm not looking forward to the next stage of side effects.

I keep trying to prepare myself for today, but again it's all unknown territory, Weston Park hospital on Wednesday was a real eye opener.....it's the only place my bald head fitted in perfectly, i also saw a young boy (probably about 7 years old) his t-shirt said... "Kicking cancer's ass one tumour at a time!" Ha good lad!

So it's all what if's, but's and maybe's again today, i'm hazarding a guess that i shall spend most of the weekend in bed feeling quite tired, but i also may be fine!? I have no idea, and this is where the nerves creep up on me, and the no control again.

I feel like im waiting to be poisoned and then i get sent on my merry way to ride it out!!!!

Anyway here's a pic of my lovely wonky bangers! Perfect for a friday!!!

Be Happy

Lindzi xxx