1. Aug, 2015

The BIG shock

Well yesterday was my first chemotherapy session and what started as a normal day, turned into quite an adventure.

My appointment was at 2 pm at Weston Park, so on our way to the hospital, me and mum called at the post office and i sent off my hair donation, i had been waiting for the photographs to be sent to me of my head been shaved, everything was all ready and it was now time to donate my hair. Easy, popped in the post office and handed it over like any other letter i've ever posted. £3.30 to send it, best £3.30 i've ever spent i think!

Right that's done let's go kick cancer's butt! We got to the hospital in good time to have a coffee and a look round, and made our way to the Day Case Unit, however, at 3pm i was still sat waiting to go have my treatment so i'm starting to see a pattern forming here with this hospital.

I finally get called through and have to go into a little consultation room to discuss my medical history, have some observations done and discuss the side effects; my blood pressure at one point was 190/116. (White coat syndrome and the fact it's now done on my leg) It eventually dropped to 123/61, so that's it let's go start treatment.

I go into one of the treatment bays and take my place in the big recliner chair, all eyes are on me and mum as we get sorted out and comfortable, i am the youngest patient here but all the other patients are smiling at me and i'm sure i'll be seeing them a lot more over the next 18 weeks!

The nurses head over to me with their trolley full of pre med drugs, bolus's, anti-emetics, and what ever else they have for me. They explain that TAC chemo is 3 drugs - 2 bolus and 1 IV infusion, they are going to do all the bolus first then leave the infusion for an hour, followed by a 10 minute saline flush then i'm done and good to go, this would take us to about 6.30pm and we would be out of here.

So all the bolus, pre-meds and anti-emetics go through no problems, other than a tingling in my vein and feeling the cold fluid going through my arm, so far so good.

Next is the infusion, i watch the nurse, she prime the line, sets up the pump and here we go......she then leaves telling me what things to look out for and to buzz her if i have any symptoms.

Me and my mum are sat there just started our crossword when.....

My nose starts tingling, i then lift my head off the back of the chair and the whole room is spinning, i can feel my neck and face starting to burn up, like heat rising through me, but now the 2 women patients sat across from me are now spinning past me, i tell my mum who says.....

"Well you will feel dizzy love, they have put loads of drugs into you." "NO MUM......i feel REALLY dizzy,"

I then press my buzzer and a nurse comes over, i explain how i feel and then it was like something out of Casualty, different coloured uniforms were coming at me from all sides, they had trolleys, equipment, oxygen masks and stehescopes, a call went out for the cardiac arrest team and now the entire room was ful lof various medical professions.

I'm checked over by numerous doctors, nurses and sisters, pumped full of anti-histamines, wired up to the dinamap for the next 4 hours of observations and left to relax a little well until my next set of obs are due.

Me and mum just sat there stunned, where the hell had all those lot come from!? haha what the hell happened?

The Sister then came back and explained to us that i'd had an anaphylactic shock, i'd only had 1ml of the infusion Docetaxel but that 1ml was enough to cause an allergic reaction, the infusion was stopped and i had to have a 4 hour saline flush now.

I have to go back on Wednesday next week to now see my oncologist again so we can discuss yesterday's events and tweek the medication. She may want to re-challenge me and give me the same drug but with more pre-meds and at a slower rate. I won't find out however until next Wednesday.

So it's official, i really am a lightweight.....1ml......1 bloody ml! Ha what can i say i like to be dramatic! lol

I finally got back to my mums last night at 9.30pm and my girls came to see me, who had been waiting to see me all day at their great grandma's, they walked in, hugged me, asked me if the medicine had worked and they were fine. My poor nan on the other hand was upset and crying saying i had panicked them all, Ha nan, i panicked myself and my poor mum!

I then told them i needed some rest, so they left and i went to bed, then the side effects kicked in;


Stomach cramps

Cystitis symptoms

Hot flushes

And extreme fatigue.

At this point the anti-histamines were making me really drowsy and i nodded off to sleep, i woke up at 3am briefly and laid for a while but i managed to nod back off.

I woke up this morning and had;


Stomach cramps

Hot flushes

Ringing in my left ear



And this was all before 9am! I'm staying in bed today, well i'm going to TRY and stay in bed, i'm not very good at doing nothing! But i'm also going to let my body tell me what to do as well, and at the moment it's demanding i stay in bed!

Thanks to everyone for your messages and concern yesterday.

Going to have a little snooze now!

Be Happy

Lindzi xxx