3. Aug, 2015


Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you all know i'm rotting from the inside out!

The surgery and reconstruction was a walk in the park compared to what i'm going through right now.

I am aching all over, got stomach cramps, my mouth tastes awful, nothing tastes the same, i feel sick all the time, my arms are burning, i keep having hot flushes, i've got a ringing in my left ear, i've lost my appetite and generally feel shit!!!!

The best way to describe this is start at the top of your head, now add an ache and pain to every single body part as you go down your whole body....that's how i feel, and the tiredness is unreal, even feeding myself is tiring me out right now.

This is terrible, i can't figure out how this is actually supposed to be making me better, but somehow it is. To top it off i've got to administer subcut injections to myself tonight to keep my platelets up!!

I'm back at clinic on Wednesday to discuss the allergic reaction with the doctor on Wednesday and get a plan together ready for my next chemo session on the 21st August. I'll update you all when i get to it.

Again thanks for your messages and support.

Be Happy

Lindzi xxx