5. Aug, 2015

Something like

Hi all,

Woke up this morning and apart from the sore throat i was just starting to feel something like, well that was until i got ready to go to Weston Park, I feel so spaced out and woozy headed again, it's like been on the pain killers all over again.

Sat in the clinic i felt like i was on a cruise ship, my head felt like it was bobbing about all over the place and generally feeling pretty shit.

So I saw the Doctor, who has said i now have to start again with a new regime, this one is called FEC Chemotherapy - similar to the other one, in that it's a combination of 3 drugs, but i'm less likely to be allergic to this one - apparantly!?!

I need 5 more sessions of the FEC, as Friday's session is luckily counted as one, but these next sessions now will be at Barnsley General instead of Weston Park. Similar set up, go to clinic on Wednesday's to see the Doctor and have bloods done, then chemo on the Thursday.

So my first FEC session starts on Thursday 20th August where hopefully i have these 3 with NO problems and then can count the bloody sessions down! Just the side effects to get through, but every session is one step closer to me being back to normal!!

I'm back in bed now at my mum's got back and was exhausted so i had a sleep. Still feel worn out but i'm just going to stay in bed for the rest of today and tackle tomorrow when it get's to it.

The worst side effect so far is the terrible taste i have in my mouth, and how it's changed the way everything changes, if anyone know's any way to ease this please let me know?! I'd just started stuffing my face again and now nothing is the same!?!!?

I'm going to go now and rest a bit more before my little Taya comes to see me!

Be Happy

Lindzi xxx