11. Aug, 2015

Hi all,

So it turns out that Chemotherapy regimes change more than i change my socks!

I've now been informed that i'm going back to the original plan, although i ain't having the drug i'm allergic to.

My NEW regime is now; Abraxane, Doxorubicin, and Cyclophosphamide; on top of the steroids, antibiotics, anti-emetics, anti-histamines and platelet injections i'm having!

The Docetaxel which i'm allergic too has been replaced with the Abraxane. Let's hope i'm not allergic to this one.

So all back to original plan now, clinic on Wednesday 19th August at Weston Park, bloods done, then back on Friday 21st for my 2nd chemo session.

Next week i have an hospital appointment every day! Eurgh i'm gettin sick of the site of them, another expansion this Thursday too! 

I'm slowly getting back to normal, which i guess it's needed as i've not got long before my next chemo session to ruin me again.

The only remaining side effect is spots! Argh i thought my teenage spotty days were behind me?? My body is full of that many drugs i'm breaking out in spots! Eurgh! So combined with wonky boobs, the shaved head and the spotty face i'm not feeling very glamourous or confident at the moment!!!

Well i'm off to phone the council now as some bugger has nicked my wheelie bin, and i'll be damned if i'm paying £15 for a new one to be delivered! DON'T mess with me, i'm a cancer's ass kicker!! Deliver the bin and no one will be harmed! haha

Be Happy (could be a lot worse, you could be spotty and wheelie bin less!!)

Lindzi xxx