4. Sep, 2015

Hi all,

Now this blog is a bit different because its not Lindzi writing it, its her 12 year old daughter Cobie!

Now you have all read about my mum's experience, here's mine.....

My mum going to hospital was a regular thing, she would find a lump, go to the doctor's then go to the hospital for a scan, this happened as far back as i can remember.

On the 4th of June, my world was tipped upside down...i was eating my tea, when my mum and dad came home and mum said i've got breast cancer, i thought wow, is this really happening? On a Thursday afternoon the last thing you expect to hear is that, so in case you hadnt figured it out yet it felt awful but everyone else felt the same too.

Before, i knew what Cancer was but i'd not really understood everything about it. All of a sudden 2 members of my family had cancer, my poor great grandad and now my mum!!

Sometimes it still feels like a dream, but then i realise this is actually reality and this is our lives!

The last person you think to be holding it all together would be my mum, but yet everyday she gets up, get's ready and get's on!!!

I think it's fantastic that my mum is donating her hair, now i'm not saying you have to do the same, but imagine what these children, men, and women go through.

Please keep sharing my mum's blog, it's making her happy, and giving her something to focus on, plus she's then not nagging me!!!!!



Cobie Leigh xxx