Same old

8. Oct, 2015

Hi all,

Well with regards to the side effects there isn’t a lot to report today, they are all the same, and the leg pain and neuropathy is still the same and gradually creeping up on me again.

I’m not doing too badly at the moment with sleep, but the leg pain is usually at its worst from tonight. So wish me luck with that.

While attending my expansion appointment last week, Mr Ghosh informed me that the next surgery date will be around the 20th December, this is to remove the expanders and insert the implants, so I can then have 5 weeks of radiotherapy in the new year.

So once I’ve had 2 more chemo sessions, another operation and 5 weeks of radiotherapy I’ll have done, fighting this shitty bastard disease and then I’m free to live my life.

Ha yeah right, what life will I be left with after all that?! I’m not the same person I was 6 months ago, I don’t look the same, I don’t feel the same and I definitely don’t think the same anymore! I keep counting down for normal service to be resumed but what is normal now?! My life has become nothing but hospital appointments and medical professions telling me where I am going and what I am having done.

This year has been one big disaster for me and I can’t wait to see the back of it.

January 2015 – Me and Richard split up

March 2015 – Grandad diagnosed with lung cancer

March 2015 – Grandad had appendectomy and found another tumour

June 2015 – Diagnosed with breast cancer & moved house

29th June – Double mastectomy and reconstruction

31st July – 1st chemotherapy session with allergic reaction

21st August – 2nd chemotherapy session

11th September – 3rd chemotherapy session

25th September – moved house again

2nd October – 4th chemotherapy session

So that brings me to now, and like I said I still have 2 more chemo sessions, another operation and 5 weeks of radiotherapy to get through.

Wish me luck yeah?

I’m off now, need a nap as I’m done in just typing this.

Be Happy

Lindzi xxx