of the tunnel!

17. Oct, 2015

4 down, 2 to go,

Hi all,

I've suddenly realised that I'm actually wishing my life away lately, I'm on the big count down to the 13th November when i've finished with the gruelling chemotherapy sessions and I can move on to the next stage of my treatment.....another operation;

Stage 2 of the surgery is to remove the expanders and insert implants, this is no where near as bad as the first surgery i had but still something else to put my weary body through.

The operation date is the 16th December, which means i'll still be sore at Christmas and recovering AGAIN, but Hey at least i'm here to see Christmas and i'll be seeing plenty more! What's one Christmas feeling a bit crap when i've got the rest of my days to spend watching my girls faces light up whilst opening their presents!

Onto the new year, and that brings radiotherapy for 5 weeks, then potentially a few more operations to get the best results (no more wonky boobs) and also at some point the nipple reconstruction and the nipple tattooing.

So that's my next new months all worked out, the good news is i'm finally getting there, i can see light at the end of the tunnel, the bad news is; maybe i'll be seeing a bit more of the operating table than i'd have liked, but once again, who am i to complain when these medical professionals are giving me the best possible chance of beating this shitty, bastard disease!!!!!

I also may not have to have the last 2 chemo sessions as the neuropathy side effects are getting worse now and i don't want to be left with that as a long term problem. I'm going to discuss this with my oncologist on Wednesday when i return to Weston Park, i shall keep you all posted.

Don't forget.....

Be Happy - don't take anything for granted and DON'T forget to live life to the fullest!!!

Lindzi xxx