A little bit of good news

21. Oct, 2015

So today I’ve been to Weston park hospital clinic to see the oncologist ready for my next chemo session on Friday, this is the usual routine, and I have bloods done, then discuss side effects and try and prepare myself for Friday.

Today however, whilst discussing the neuropathy and explaining to the doctor just how bad it was, she explained that 98% of women have no reoccurring cancer after only 4 chemotherapy sessions…..

GOOD NEWS is I have now finished chemo!!!!

With a percentage like that I don’t actually need the other 2 sessions, as the doctor said I’ve already had the majority of the chemo and having the next 2 will make no difference in regards to the cancer coming back.

Bear in mind, my lymph nodes were clear when they removed them in theatre so those 4 gruelling chemo sessions were only a precaution anyway. After discussing the statistics with the doctor we both agreed that we would stop chemotherapy treatment and move forward with the next surgery and then 5 weeks of radiotherapy.

Telling my family was hard, as they thought that I’d got to have all 6 sessions. My grandad was thrilled that I didn’t need any more of that poison! My mum was a little concerned that I wasn’t having the full amount, but once I’d explained everything to her she was also glad that I’d finished, so were my nan, sister and my girls threw their arms around me and Taya said “so are you better now mummy?” To which I could reply “Not quite darling, but I’m getting there!”

So that’s it, my November has come early, I have spent the last 12 weeks wishing my life away until the last chemo session on the 13th November and now rather than dreading every 3rd Friday I can start to look forward and get through the next stages of treatment! A massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that I’ll never have to have that poison pumped into me again, and believe me it really is poison, and never ever underestimate how crap it makes people feel, it’s NOTHING like the films where they vomit it affects every damn body part you have, it’s horrendous! BUT I had 4 chemotherapy sessions (which my doctor told my Nan today were not for the faint hearted) AND I survived! It’s bloody tough going, but it’s doable if you keep strong and have a good support network and fantastic family to look after you. I honestly don’t know how I’d have coped without my friends particularly Kaye and Angie and my amazing family.

Right now go be happy!!!

Lindzi xxx