13. Nov, 2015

This blog is dedicated to my Grandad who on Tuesday 10th November lost his battle against lung cancer. 


Never in my life have i thought how it would feel to lose you. Simply because it hurt too much to imagine you not been here. 

Ha yet here i am, without you, missing you like mad and being so pissed off with this shitty disease for taking such an amazing man. 

I promise you Grandad, i will BEAT this, for you and for me, this cancer is not going to get the better of me, i have Macreath blood in me, and anyone who knows you, knows we are damn tough cookies! 

Even the surgery i'm having 2 days before your funeral is not going to stop me, I will be there, not mourning you cos i know you wouldn't want that, so i'm going to celebrate your life, and how amazing you were. 

You will never know how special you were to all of us, and how we appreciated every little thing you did for us. They broke the mould when they made you Grandad. 

I haven't been on here for a while so an update of treatment so far;

Every day for 5 years i'm taking hormone tablets, 

every 4 weeks for 5 years i'm having zolidex injections (these 2 combined are to stop my body producing oestrogen as the cancer was oestrogen positive and this is to reduce the risk of it returning) 

I'm having my next surgery on Wednesday 18th November, this is to remove the expanders and insert the implants. 

Then 5 weeks of radiotherapy and then hopefully that's all treatment done! 

I can then tell you Grandad that i did it....... I BEAT this shitty disease!!! 

Love you always Grandad, sleep tight and RIP 

Lindzi xxx