22. Nov, 2015

Here we go again

Well surgery day was the 18th November, and even though my Grandad's funeral was on the 20th, my family and I knew i had to go ahead with it so I can get on with my treatment and get back to normal as soon as possible. 

Sat in the surgical assessment unit on Wednesday morning with my mum was quite scary again, but i knew i had to have the expanders removed and implants inserted to be able to then start radiotherapy, and be rid of this disease for good.

My biggest worry was that i wouldnt be able to attend Grandad's funeral so i'd made sure Mr Ghosh knew i was going home that night whether he wanted me to or not. 

I went down to theatre at 1.30pm, and through all the usual routine that i'm now sadly becoming accustomed too. I arrived back on the ward at about 5pm and while i was drowsy and feeling sick, i knew i had to have a pee, a tea and some toast!! 

Those 3 things were the only thing that would stop me going home, and anyone who knows me knows how bloody stubborn i am, so that cardboard erm i mean toast was going to go down even if i had to wash it down with numerous cups of tea. That walk to the toilet for the pee was going to happen even if i had to crawl! 

And in true Lindzi stubborn style, i had a pee, had the toast and the tea and by 8pm wednesday night i was snuggled up on my sofa with my mum looking after me. 

The pain was pure agony again, but i wasn't taking any strong painkillers as i needed to keep my head clear to be able to read a poem i'd written for my grandad on the friday. So back home i was popping the paracetamol every 4 hours and sleeping propped up again. 

I didn't really sleep much on Wednesday night as every movement was agony, but Thursday i had a full day of resting on the sofa, so i would be able to go on Friday and do my grandad proud. 

Friday morning and the pain didn't matter the only thing that mattered was my grandad and saying my goodbye's to my hero! 

I managed to get up during the service and read my poem for him, i also managed to tolerate people hugging me, and i lasted most of the day, but Friday night i was exhausted so i returned home early and rested up. 

The pain now is bearable and i'm slowly getting more movement and flexibility, just getting on with it and taking it easy when i need to, both girls are helping me again and doing a great job! 

I've got to attend wound clinic tomorrow (Monday) then back to see Mr Ghosh on Thursday, i'm guessing it will be the new year before i can start radiotherapy, as the scars need chance to heal, and i'd quite like to have Christmas with my family without been in pain or drugged to the eye balls......but hey if that happens i'll let you know! 

Thanks or all your well wishes and messages. 

Be Happy 

Lindzi xxx