New Year, New Me

4. Jan, 2016

Hi all,

First things first, happy new year to you all.

After the worst year of my life, I’m really hoping this one is going to be a lot better. Today I have attended Weston Park hospital for my CT scan, this is to determine the area they are going to blast with 25 sessions of Radiotherapy. I’ve been measured, drawn on and even got 3 new tattoos!!

These are small pin prick sized ink dots that sadly will be a permanent reminder of when I had shitty cancer! However, they will also remind me that I tackled it head on and kicked its sorry ass!!!

So next Monday is the big day, I have to attend Weston Park for the next 5 weeks, Monday-Friday at different times and have my 10 minute radiotherapy sessions. Massive distruptions to my life for the next 5 weeks with regards to the girls etc, but again it’s gotta be done!

Apart from the Exemestane and Zoladex (Hormone therapy) that I’m taking for the next 5 years after the radiotherapy that will be it, other than routine tests to ensure the BASTARD cancer hasn’t come back!

In a really funny mood today, and I can’t explain why, although I did have a moments realisation when I was laid in the CT Scanner and noticed all the stickers all over it which I’m guessing is for the poor babies and children that have to attend that hospital and have CT scans before their radiotherapy treatment. Now as a grown adult cancer is a bastard to deal with, and beat but I can’t even begin to imagine how it must be for children and their parents, when the poor little babies can’t understand exactly why they are going through everything they have to go through to get the all clear!

So whilst laid there staring at the stickers, I decided that yes the next 5 weeks are going to be bloody tiring, inconvenient and a massive ball ache, but guess what Lindzi………… YOU ARE STILL HERE!!!!

So moan and rant over, one thing left to say….



Lindzi xx