31. Jan, 2016

Week 1 - 3

Hi all,

Well I'm so behind with this it's getting a little bit silly now!

So radiotherapy, right.......

On day one, I was given an A4 sheet of paper with 25 appointment times on, this was going to be my life for the next 5 weeks now, back and forth to Weston Park to have my radiotherapy.

So I’m sat in the waiting room, wearing a gown on my top half (which put together with skinny jeans and UGG boots I think I look quite fetching!) I’m having a look round when, there’s that familiar feeling… I’m the youngest here AGAIN!

Anyway they call me through and ask me to confirm my date of birth and first line of my address. The radiographer then tells me to slip my right arm out of my gown and lie on the bed.

I lie down on the cold metal bed, with a triangular piece of metal under my thighs, a foot plate for my feet to push against and some arm rests, that when I raise my arms above my head, they support my elbows. So I’m laid there with 3 members of staff round me, shouting out various numbers and measurements, while they slide me left and right to make sure I’m in the correct position.

Then they place a jelly pad over my right boob and turn the lights back on and say they’ll be back soon.

So I’m laid there, arms up, (wondering whether my armpits need shaving) trying to keep as still as possible and listening to the buzzing and beeping of the machine, while viewing the artwork on the ceiling of this particular room.

The staff then reappear, move the machine to the right side of me and reposition the jelly pad, but this time they put tape on the pad, pull it over my left boob and then stick it to the bed! That’s it, I ain’t going anywhere now I’m taped to the bed!

The staff leave and again the buzzing and beeping begins again, literally 2 minutes later, the staff return and I’m all done!

EASY PEASY, well it was for the first week, until the side effects kicked in. Now these are fatigue and a lovely “sun burn” kinda patch on my right boob.

THESE however, I can manage, in comparison to Chemotherapy these effects are nothing, I’m just using Diprobase on the area, and having afternoon naps. I don’t know how I’d manage if it wasn’t for my power nap in an afternoon. Funny I have no problem nodding off then but at night I’m on Zopiclone to help me sleep, as the Zolidex and Exemestane I’m taking are giving me hot flushes and insomnia!

Ha fatigue from radiotherapy and insomnia from hormone therapy! Only I could have those 2 side effects together!

Well tomorrow I start my 4th week of radiotherapy, and to be honest the treatment itself if not a problem, its more the commitment and travelling to Weston Park that’s the problem, but guess what…….

3 down, 2 to go!!!!!

Nearly there now, so the next blog I write will be to say I have finished treatment, my god I can’t begin to explain how weird that will be, but until then….

Be happy!

Lindzi xxx