12. Feb, 2016

4th June 2015, my world was turned upside down when Mr Ghosh said... "Lindzi, i'm sorry but it's breast cancer!"

Well today, the 12th February 2016, I, Lindzi have finished my last radiotherapy session and the last of my breast cancer treatment!

Back then, i said i would kick the shit out of the bastard thing and guess what..... I HAVE!!!

I'm still on the hormone treatment for 5 years and i've still got to have regular check ups but as the chemotherapy and radiotherapy were only preventative treatments, I feel like today i can finally say......CANCER I HAVE WHOOPED YOUR ASS!!!

I'm not too sure exactly how i feel at the moment, other than relieved to not have to travel to Weston Park again all next week, but i'm sure the reality of what i've been through will hit me soon. It's going to feel strange not having a load of appointments to attend and not having medical professionals telling me where to go and what to do. But now, i can start to look forward again and find my new normal.

Hopefully returning to work and getting back in control of everything. I've just got nipple reconstruction to have done, but i'm in no rush for that as it's only for comestic reasons, so there's no immediate rush really, plus i don't think my body would take much more hammer just yet!

To everyone who has helped me, messaged me, visited me, and supported me, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! And to all the fantastic staff at Weston Park, thank you too!

I'm now off for a shower, and to get my pj's on, then i'm gonna watch television and relax, cos these days thats about as rock and roll as i get!! haha!

I'm still waiting for the results of the genetic testing, but as soon as i get them i shall post it on here and let everyone know.

 Be happy, be healthy!!!!

Lindzi xxx