22. Mar, 2016


19th March 2016 was the day the letter dropped through my door.

This letter was the one I'd been waiting for since January, these were the genetic testing results.

This letter would determine whether I had the cancer gene, whether i would need a hysterectomy, and whether my darling girls would be affected.

Opening the letter was strange, i wanted to rip it open and find out but at the same time i was terrified!

Letter opened, the weight was lifted! I DO NOT HAVE THE GENE!

Thank God for that, I can relax now,I guess it just means that I got the shit end of the stick and it wasn't down to genetics. But i'm more than happy to accept that as it means that my baby girls haven't got the stress of genetic testing to face.

Another obstacle removed, and now to concentrate on getting back to normal and returning to work, admitted not for a few more months yet but I can see some light at the end of the tunnel again now!

Be Happy

Lindzi xxx