2. Jun, 2016


Well it is 12 months to the day today since i was diagnosed.

Where has that year gone? It's been a whirlwind of surgery, pain, chemo, surgery and radiotherapy. BUT i did it!

I've just seen my consultant and he has booked me in for another operation on the 10th August, this is to straighten out the implant, remove the scar tissue that has stuck to my chest wall and to do nipple reconstruction.

Another day case jobby, in and out no problems. Hmmm we'll see.

I'm also returning to work on the 20th June, so i'm looking forward to getting back into the routine of working and being "normal" again, and then i've got a holiday booked with my mum and girls to look forward too before this next operation so I'll have plenty to keep me occupied before i can start to think of shitting myself again!

What a difference a year makes eh? i actually can't believe how fast that year has gone, and how quckly everything has happened. During chemo i was counting the sessions down to get through it, but looking back now it's like it was only yesterday i was sat in Mr Ghosh's room with him telling me i had Breast cancer!

WELL NOT ANYMORE I DON'T! Ha take that you bastard thing i've kicked your ass and i'm now on my way back up to the top!!!

Lindzi = 1

Cancer = 0!!

Don't forget....

Be Happy!!

Lindzi xx