of the nipples

25. Aug, 2016


Well tomorrow at 7.30am my little jelly legs will be walking into Barnsley General hospital ready for my nipple reconstruction. I'm having the nipples made from skin already there and freeing of scar tissue that's attached itself to my chest wall. 

I should only be in surgery for about an hour, but it's not something i'm particularly looking forward too. Another anaethestic, another recovery time and a whole lotta pain. 

After going back to work and getting back into the routine of normal working days, i'm really dreading becoming the patient again. BUT i've got the nurse team lined up, Mum, Taya, Nan and Cobie. 

I shall be adding photo's when i feel able to, so open the blog page with one eye open for incase you don't like what you see! If it's that bad, don't look!!! 

RIght i'm off to pack my hospital bag, Be happy

Lindzi xxx