Mr Ghosh Appointment

Hi all,

Just been to see Mr Ghosh so thought I would update this and let you all know the next step of my journey.

In August I was supposed to have nipple reconstruction surgery, however cos i'm a dingbat and i'd started smoking again (D'oh) I couldn't have it done.

I've been today for another Zolidex injection and spoken to Mr Ghosh, who has now decided that rather than having another operation, he is going to refer me to Sheffield hospitals Plastic Surgery team who will inject fat into my left boob to give it the same volume as my other boob. This is to pump up the area where the scar tissue has healed to my chest wall. This team will also do the nipple reconstruction. Hopefully all be done without the need to operate!!!


I'm so happy, if this can be done it will be brilliant to not have to have another operation as i feel fantastic now and don't really wanna be feeling all sore and run down again.

It's looking like the new year when this will happen, just gotta wait for an appointment from Sheffield and take it from there.

Also finally got my hair in a style that i love, although the expense of having it dyed is not so much fun!!

This picture was taken on Saturday night while out with friends, and for the first time in a long time..... i felt amazing! I had finally got my confidence back and was proud of how I looked!!

Be happy people

Lindzi xxx