6th December 2016

6. Dec, 2016

Well I’ve seen the plastic surgeon and unfortunately it’s not looking good….

In my right boob I have Capsular contracture, this is where the body rejects the implant and makes the surrounding area go hard. Which means I’ve got to have another operation to remove that implant and have a new one put in.

I can’t have any fat injections in my left boob cos it still wouldn’t change the shape of it, as it’s too far out of the normal shape it should be. So that’s another operation to correct that

SOOOOOOO pissed off now cos the left boob was done by a different surgeon and clearly he was pissed when he did it cos it is now so out of shape I resemble Sid’s eyes out of Ice Age!!!!

Oh dear god if I don’t joke I’ll cry!

I thought a few fat injections and nipple reconstruction was all I had to get through to get me to the end, but it turns out CANCER doesn’t ever END!!!!!

So the 2017 plan of no more surgery has gone down the pan, it seems that the Hallamshire hospital with be my second home and the plastic surgery team will be like old friends!

 (Sorry work if you’re reading this lol)

I have another appointment with the surgeon in 4 week’s time to discuss the plan further as today he had to run out due to an emergency!

Anyway onwards and upwards, shame I didn’t get the Botox and fillers I wanted while there today cos I’ll bloody need them after all this stress!!

Just please remember….


Lindzi xxx