30. Mar, 2017

Most complicated breast reconstruction goes to..... ME! 

Those were the plastic surgeon's words today, he said that in all the breast reconstructions he has done he has never seen such a complicated reconstruction! Bloody typical for me that. 

So the plan is......

2 further reconstruction operations....

1) Right boob - remove the hardened implant, free up the scar tissue, tighten the skin to give a natural look and put in new implant (Smaller size) 

So i've had my pre-assessment today and i've now got to wait for a date for the above surgery, he isn't going to do the other boob until this one is healed and then he can use the right one to copy from for the left. 

So when I wake up from this next operation, i shall have 1 boob bigger than the other for x amount of weeks/months. GUTTED!!! BUT it is better than the pyschological effects of waking up with nothing. 

Then 2) Left boob - remove implant, tighten the skin, insert mesh cradle to hold the implant in place (as the scar tissue from previous operations won't hold it now) then insert new implant, same SIZE as the right boob, and fingers crossed we are all even, natural looking and ready for nipple reconstruction; however this hasn't been discussed yet as i think i've enough to be going on with at the moment! 

So 6 weeks of no heavy lifting for each operation and 2 maybe 3 weeks off work for them both too, EURGH! Sat at home one tit at a time trying to get going again! BUT.......




Remember people....

Be happy

Lindzi xxx