No more pricks!

19. Oct, 2017

Today I have been to an Oncology appointment at Barnsley hospital, and I had some VERY good news, I no longer have to have the bloody injections!!!! WHOOHOO! 

I have also swapped from Exemestane to Tamoxifen tablets. This means that whilst I will still have hot flushes (or power surges) as I call them they will not be as bad as they have been! (Thank the lord)

I shall be taking Tamoxifen now for another 2.5 years with a possibility of it been extended to 10 years all together but if the hot flushes, aching joints and risk of Osteoporosis is reduced then so bloody what! 

Just gotta wait and see if my monthly's return..... hmm no more pricks but PMS!? 

Christ i dunno which is worse haha. 

I also only have to see the oncologist every 12 months now instead of 6, so all in all today was a good check up day! 

Counting down the days now till my next operation on the 6th November and getting a little more nervous each day that passes. I shall be uploading pics and blog pages afterwards, but for now......



(and if the gorgeous pic of my girls doesn't make you happy....nothing will!)

Lindzi xxx