17. Nov, 2017

Here we go again....

Hello all,
Thought it was about time I updated this.
So on Monday 6th I had surgery on my right boob to remove the hardened implant, free up scar tissue and replace the implant. Or so I thought, turns out once the surgeon was in there it was a lot more complicated than that.

The previous surgeon had placed the implant half behind and half in front of my muscle, therefore the implant was pushing against my ribs and that’s why it had been so painful! There was also much more scar tissue than he expected that needed to be freed up to allow me to move more freely instead of been so tight and stiff all the time.

So waking up from theatre with 2 drains poking out of my right boob and a whole lotta pain was a shock, as the surgeon had said it was only gonna be a quick job! I was in theatre for about 5 hours altogether so that shows how much more complicated it was.

Anyway fast forward to Sunday, almost a week after my operation and I’m at the hallamshire hospital having my drains removed. Now the last time I had drains in I was on that much morphine I can’t remember the pain as such. This time however I’d had 2 x paracetamols and OUCHHHHHHHH did they hurt, I swear they were attached to my toes!

Once I’d had the drains out however, I felt a lot better and Tuesday as it was my little Taya’s birthday I managed to get showered and dressed. I managed to stay up for most of the day and enjoyed Taya’s birthday with her. Went to bed that night thinking I was on the mend!

4am – ouchhhhhhhh what the hell is happening to me, my whole boob was rock hard, I can’t breathe and the pain is excruciating!? Have I been laid funny? Is it the muscle cramping? One thing I knew was I’d never felt pain like it before.

6am – the pain hasn’t settled and I’m absolutely gasping for breath now, I managed to wake my mum who came into to my bedroom looked at me and dialled for an ambulance straight away.

Three and a half hours later the ambulance finally arrived and I was still crying out in agony while trying to catch my breath. I was sucking on the gas and air like it was going out of fashion as I was put in the ambulance and taken to Barnsley hospital.
Once in A&E I had all my observations done and had 2 codeine (it didn’t touch the pain) I then had morphine. Which my lovely mate Hannah brought for me as she was shift!

So the doctors are querying whether I have a collapsed lung, a blood clot in my lung or whether it’s just muscular skeletal pain. I go for a chest X-ray and await the results. It’s been 8 hours now and the pain hasn’t eased at all. I’m still struggling to breath and I’ve had enough.
Results are back…..no collapsed lung so they are now treating me for a bold clot (PE) so that lovely mate of mine Hannah now comes back with a bloody blood thinning injection and stabs me!

4 hours after arriving in A&E I’m transferred to AMU to await a chest CT scan the next day. (Great stuff overnight stay in hospital)
After another dose of morphine the pain finally calms down a little, I’ve been up since 4am and I’m shattered so I get as comfortable as I can and try to go to sleep. Hmm the other patients in the bay had different ideas, she another night with no sleep.

The following morning I went for the scan, they injected dye into me which makes you feel really warm and as if your wetting yourself. Once that was done, back to the ward to wait for the results again!

3 hours later and the results show there is no clot, so either there wasn’t one in the first place or it had dissolved they didn’t know. As I was under a surgeon in Sheffield the doctors at Barnsley were reluctant to do anything else so they prescribed me Nefopam and sent me home!

Once home reading my D1 I noticed on there that it said I had a partial collapse of my lung!!!! So that explains the shortness of breath and the bloody pain!
So that brings me to now, laid up in bed, still short of breath and in LOTS of pain!!! I have an appointment on Monday at the hallamshire so I’m just going to attend that and hope they can sort me out. I am so fed up of hospitals at the moment I’m just going self care at home until then.

Thanks to everyone for the messages, flowers and support you have given me, I shall update this when I’ve been to the appointment on Monday.